How To Master Serum And Become A Legendary Producer

THE SERUM MASTERCLASS:  How To Master Serum And Become A
Legendary Producer

...Even if you know nothing about sound design
HUNDREDS of Producers Have Used this Course to Transform their
Workflow, Music Quality, and Careers. Will You Be Next?

What Producers Are Saying


Niko K.
Chris H.
Matt W.

Fellow Producer...

Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

  • Do you feel like there's just something "missing" from your music that everyone else seems to have?
  • Do you find yourself opening Serum but feeling lost and perplexed about what you should do next?
  • Do you spend HOURS twisting knobs just to end up with sub-par sounds that you're not satisfied with?
I know... That's exactly why I've dedicated over 1,000+ hours in Serum, learning sound design from the ground-up to crack the “serum code”, so any producer can make the music of their dreams...

You Have TWO Paths Here:

The "Average" Path

  • - SPENDING thousands of hours trying to source together all the information you need from Youtube tutorials, presets, blog posts, and other surface level stuff...
  • - WASTING years of your life trying to reinvent the wheel, going in the wrong direction, and potentially allowing the pain and the overwhelm of trying to figure everything out yourself to cause you to GIVE UP and settle for AVERAGE...
  • - STUCK and STRUGGLING doing the same things over and over again...

The "Success" Path

  • You can say “I’ve had enough of struggling with sound design. I’m tired of making music that blends in. I’m sick of not having the professional quality I deserve."
  • You can sound like a pro, make music that stands out, and create any preset you imagine. Every producer we’ve worked with has had to get sick of having average skills and make the decision to change...
  • You can say “I’m ready to level up my production with Shane’s help because he’s done it for himself and plenty of others.”

Here's Where Things Change For You...




Instead of wasting time sifting through Youtube tutorials, presets, and blogs...
You can literally STEAL my secret Serum techniques and become the producer you were born to be.


  • How to open Serum and know exactly what you need to do to create a specific sound.
  • ​Have insane sound design that leaves your listeners wondering "how...?"
  • ​Know all the tricks and techniques that the professionals are so damn secretive about.
  • ​Recreate any sound you hear from scratch.
  • ​Have your own signature sound that makes you stand out from the crowd.
  • ​Breaking down complex sound design into simple steps

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The Creative Block Destroyer
Producers always ask me how I'm able to consistently produce incredible sounds everyday. The answer? I discovered a repeatable method to destroy the creative block 10/10 times.

In this bonus training video, you'll learn the exact step-by-step method to implement so you can destroy the creative block for good and get unlimited inspiration on command. When you implement this technique, you'll finish more tracks and make your music 5x better in 1/2 of the time!
"From Scratch" Sound Design Footage
This bonus is one of the most powerful trainings you'll come across. Just imagine if you could jump into my brain and see exactly what's going through my mind as I'm making FIRE sounds in Serum...

This free bonus will get you over 3+ hours of "behind the scenes" footage where I design and recreate amazing sounds from scratch. You'll learn the exact workflow and thinking I use to make incredible sounds fast, and you can literally just steal my techniques and hacks.
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What More Students Are Saying

Course Schedule:
1.) Mindset
8 mins
2.) Serum In-Depth I
1 hr 7 mins
3.) Serum In-Depth II
1 hr 8 mins
4.) Leads, Chords & Pluck Techniques
51 mins
5.) Bass Design Secrets
46 mins
6.) Hybrid Sound Design Secrets
25 mins
7.) Subs, 808s, & Textured Basses
28 mins
8.) Reverse-Engineering Methodology
47 mins
9.) Advanced Serum Techniques
18 mins
BONUS: The "Creative Block Destroyer" Technique
14 mins
BONUS: From Scratch Sound Design Walkthroughs
Over 3 hrs
Frequently Asked Questions:
You're Just One Click Away!
By now you’ve had plenty of time… do you want to get pro-level sound design skills in Serum or not?
If you don't enroll now, you're going to be very pissed off when you see my students flexing their insane sound design on the EDC main stage this year.
  • Procrastinators
  • Producers who don't value sound design
  • Producers who think "they know it all"
  • Ambitious producers
  • Producers who invest in their sound design 
  • Producers who are WILLING to improve
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